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The Faster Way to Firestop.

Easily achieve both 1- and 2-hour fire ratings (according to UL-2079), as well as soundproofing, without the need for additional sealants, backers, or sprays. Get your copy of the comprehensive technical catalog today.

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A typical code compliant assembly requires:

  • Short-lived solutions
  • Added backing materials
  • Tons of time spent installing

...that's a whole lot of dollars.

We decided that the industry could do better.

So we created a line of products designed to speed up the whole process, reduce overhead, and achieve the same or better fire rating compared to the industry standard.

Simpler, Faster, Better

Fire and sound rated drywall accessories install quickly, stand the test of time, and are practically foolproof. They combine the craftsmanship of Trim-Tex's tried-and-true vinyl drywall corner beads, which they've been perfecting over the last 51 years, and cutting-edge firestopping and soundproofing technology. Each of the fire rated drywall accessories comes equipped with an unassuming strip of intumescent tape that, when exposed to heat, expand to 30 times its size, slamming the brakes on the spread of fire, smoke and sound.

Vinyl Polymer

Built to Last

Unlike traditional wet-applied firestopping, which may shrink and crack over time, these products are designed to remain permanently flexible and provide a resilient seal that is mold-resistant and rust-proof for the entire lifetime of your wall assembly.

intumescent tape

More Efficient

Save on installation time and labor costs by eliminating the need for fire sealants and fire spray at the head of wall.


Easy to Inspect

Brightly colored vinyl makes it easy for inspectors to identify the accessory as being rated for fire or sound, and since they install fully cured, they can be inspected the same day they're applied.

Vinyl Polymer
intumescent tape

Meet the Family

Fire Bead

  • Available in 1- and 2-hour fire ratings
  • Prevents inside corner cracking when installed against a ceiling or concrete deck that may be subject to movement
  • Features a tear-off strip, making it easy to create a clean finished edge

Fire Gasket

  • Available in 1/2", 1", and 1-1/2" versions for unencumbered movement
  • Ideal for concrete pan deck assemblies. Also used in concrete slab floors, standard walls, and more
  • Perfect for panelizing, can be "pre-installed" on wall-tops

Fire Rated 093V Expansion Joint

  • Deep rigid "V" provides for a flexible joint up to 3/8" of controlled movement
  • Does not require additional fire rated backing materials
  • Listed in UL's Fire Resistance Directory for U300 and U400 Series walls and partitions


  • Rectangular compressible foam profile fits easily in deflection gaps
  • Features intumescent tape on edge of foam to replace both fire and sound sealant
  • Does not require backing materials and will not shrink, pull away or harden over time


  • Combines Flat Deflection Bead with compressible foam for a perfect seal along head-of-wall joints with 3/4" of movement
  • Perfect for both concrete and fluted deck assemblies
  • Can pre-attach the bead to the drywall for a single-step installation process

Smoke and Sound Stop

  • Rectangular compressible foam profile
  • Easily compressed into gap between edge of drywall and adjoining structure
  • Provides a flexible backing for both smoke and sound abatement at interior wall joints

Sound Gasket

  • The most advanced soundproofing solution for head-of-wall joints
  • Supplies a better STC rating than most acoustical sealants/sprays on the market
  • Provides an unbreakable seal, even against uneven surfaces

Stop spending time and money on outdated code compliance solutions.

The next generation is here.

See for yourself.

See the future of code compliance for yourself. Download the comprehensive technical catalog to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There's a lot to unpack about these cutting-edge code compliance solutions. Let's begin with the basics, with some of the questions we hear all the time.

Is there a faster way to firestop?

For today's contractor CEMCO's line of firestopping products are perfect for fast and effective code-compliant firestopping.

CEMCO's Faster Firestopping Products include:

  • HOTROD Type X
  • Fire Rated 093V Expansion Joint
  • Fire Gasket
  • Fire Bead
  • Smoke and Sound Stop
  • Sound Gasket

Resources & Downloads

Want to dig deeper? Check out these videos and documents for more information on these fire and sound rated drywall accessories and how to install them!

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